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Teach your kids the basics of soteriology (the study of salvation). These simple cards illustrate and explain the doctrine of Union with Christ, teaching kids how salvation is found in Christ alone, helping them understand theological concepts like adoption, sanctification, and redemption. 


Teach your kids the basics of soteriology (the study of salvation). These simple cards illustrate and explain the doctrine of Union with Christ, teaching kids how salvation is found in Christ alone, helping them understand theological concepts like adoption, sanctification, and redemption. 


These cards are designed for daily use. Their matte laminate finish allows them to be used around the dinner table, wiped down, and used again.


Please Note:

  • Nine cards are printed on 120# card stock with a matte laminate finish.
  • Each order (not each product) includes one complimentary hand-stamped linen bag for safe keeping and easy access. Additional bags can be purchased here

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28 reviews for One with Christ Cards

  1. Monica Kegley (verified owner)

    As an educator, I always hope that I can teach my students theological concepts in a way that they can truly comprehend. In my third grade class, my hope is that my students will have an understanding of the salvation we have in Jesus in a rich and deep way. So often we underestimate how deep we can go with a child, but these One with Christ cards make it possible because they are interactive. Children are drawn to them for their board game layout and colors and are immediately soaking in new knowledge as they flip the cards over. There is nothing more important than teaching your child their union with Christ as His child; redeemed, chosen, and saved. This product is remarkable in every aspect of the word!

  2. JaKi Dossland (verified owner)

    Our church had water baptisms this last Sunday and since my eldest Matilda (7) has had lots of questions about salvation. Why don’t I have salvation? when will I get baptized? Does baptism give you salvation?
    These new One With Christ cards by
    @tinytheologians help you teach your child (good for an adult too ) about salvation, what it means to be One with Christ and concepts like adoption, sanctification, redeemed, etc. They give a clear biblical definition of each and a bible verse for memorization. I love the bold print definitions, makes it easy for emerging readers to easily see the words and follow along. Matilda is loving reading these at breakfast with her siblings! They have provoked deep discussion for such a little heart and have made an excellent addition to our morning basket. My twins (5) call it the Bible puzzle! They love to sort the pieces into place as Matilda reads them. This is such a beautiful and simple way to teach theology your family.

  3. Mary KathRyn (verified owner)

    I could not be more pleased with the quality of this product. And hello- such incredible truth bombs!! I loved adding these to my morning time as a part of home schooling my four boys. I let each of the boys pick one card to read each morning and I was blown away by the in depth conversations we ended up having after reading them. Thank you, thank you for such a precious product! Makes this mamas heart so very happy. I can’t wait to order more products!

  4. Kiley Hanje (verified owner)

    These cards are beautifully designed and perfect to teach little ones about salvation! It’s been so cool to see my toddler grasp onto big truths! We taped the middle “One With Christ” card up on our wall and then every night at dinner we read one card and tape it up to create the design!

  5. Roxanna English (verified owner)

    Our family loves these cards! They are a great tool for parents to use to explain salvation and how that relationship comes through Christ alone and how we are connected to Him by it. These cards are very thick and durable with a wipeable surface which is great for use with and around kids. Beautiful, attractive colors and a smart design make them fun to use, even as a puzzle! There is also a small bible verse on each card to relate each concept with scripture, great for committing verses to memory for children and adults, alike! We also use them for spelling, copywork, and bible lessons in our homeschool. Such a joy to find beautiful quality materials coordinating with sound theology for an all around great tool in our home! Thank you Tiny Theologians for your commitment to educating children about Christ and our relationship with him.

  6. Brooke (verified owner)

    We absolutely love these cards. My husband and I enjoy teaching our son about our salvation and being One with Christ. My little brother (20) asked if these were just for children, the answer, no. Everyone can learn and memorize these cards. Such a GREAT tool. Thank you for this product and all the other amazing cards that are growing believers in their knowledge of the TRUTH!

  7. Vanessa Zepeda (verified owner)

    These cards are sturdy and well made. My kids love them!

  8. Olivia Ryan (verified owner)

    I love These! They’re pretty deep so they’ve been better for my 6 year old for a new challenge…and it’s been a great theology lesson for me too. I’m grateful for resources like this that make it SO easy for me to break down heady concepts to my Little’s!

  9. Olivia Ryan (verified owner)

    These are awesome for taking difficult theological concepts and breaking them down for our kids (and us!) to understand. My 6 year old loves them as an addition to our tiny theologians collection! Thank you for creating these!

  10. Kara (verified owner)

    These beautiful cards are not only asthetically pleasing, but full of great information! I love the way the puzzle shows all the ways we are connected with Christ with both terminology, definitions, and Bible verses. They have been durable for my children, and they enjoy the interactive aspect! A win in my book as a parent!

  11. Sarah Clark (verified owner)

    Love these cards! The quality and thought put into them is amazing. Theologically accurate and a great help in teaching children about how we become one with Christ and what that means for us. Highly recommend!

  12. Betsy Grasa (verified owner)

    Tiny theologians has done it again! I can’t even begin to express how thankful we are for their resources particularly the ONE WITH CHRIST cards. I myself have recently been battling some hard circumstances, struggling to understand my identity in the Lord and seeing a clear visual with the reminder of who I am IN CHRIST has been life to my soul. The fact that I am ONE with Him solely based on the fact that He gave Himself for me, nothing in it of my efforts or qualifications but solely the truth that while I was still a sinner He made a way when there was none, there by uniting me to Himself! Incredibly humbling! These cards are practical for young and old, the visual connecting lines of the inheritance and promises we have in Him along with the supporting scripture references helps to paint a bigger picture or God’s redemptive plan. It has been such sweet time to have my 4yr old ask questions regarding adoption, reconciliation and redemption and being able to point her to Christ at the center of everything and to memorize the scripture that speaks to these truths. We found so much value in these cards as a family we have added them our morning basket and what a treasure it has been to plant seeds of truth into our children’s lives. Thank you Tiny Theologians for this awesome resource and staying faithful to sound biblical truth.

  13. natalie gainEs (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful, durable, and theologically solid resource for tiny ones. My girls absolutely love these cards and it’s always fun for them to set them up. I can say that these have been one resource I reach for again and again when we are going over soteriology. Get one for yourself and one for a friend! 🙂

  14. Kaela Kennedy (verified owner)

    As a Family Ministry director we always look for tools to help our young ones in understanding the foundational truths we believe. These cards are great at breaking down big theological concepts in a way that help children understand salvation and what being One With Christ truly means.

  15. Lauren Vecchio (verified owner)

    These cards are such a great tool to help break down foundational truths for our kids. So thankful for resources like these that are beautiful and simple to use.

  16. Allison Florczak (verified owner)

    These cards are not only beautiful but such a wonderful tool for talking through all the aspects of salvation with littles! I love the definitions on the back of the cards and the verses on the front line it up perfectly! My girls also love connecting the lines to make the puzzle! Such an amazing teaching tool! I’m so thankful for the wonderful products Tiny Theologians continues to put out!

  17. Paul cox (verified owner)

    The One With Christ cards, are a great way to teach your kids about the different aspects of salvation and union with Christ. They are made out of a durable material that holds up while being handled by tiny hands.

  18. Kia Roy (verified owner)

    These cards are such a great resource to teach our children the framework of soteriology. I honestly wish I had something like this when I was a kid to get a better picture of what salvation meant. My kids love putting the cards in place because it is like putting together a puzzle. I have found many uses for the cards. Memorization, spelling, copy work, accessoryto Catechism study. One caveat would be some of the words are printed in a yellow color and I have to make sure to have good lighting to read it. My mommy eyes are not what they use to be. But at only $8, this set of cards is a must have to help share our faith with our kids in a easy way that lays a solid theological foundation. One last note, I am using these cards with a seven year old, five year old, and three year old. They all are grasping the concepts in their own ways. I love my tiny theologians!!

    • Amy Gannett

      Hi Kia! Thanks for your kind words and feedback! We noticed the same thing, so we’ve changed the green/blue colors for more contrast moving forward. Thank you for your kind words! Praying these are a blessing to you and your little ones!

  19. Lizzy Alignamath (verified owner)

    These cards are wonderfully done! My little one is still a baby but we have already started going through each one. I love how colorful they are to keep kids’ attention but also very thorough so momma knows they’re getting a good lesson. 🙂

  20. Bekkah (verified owner)

    These are beautiful. The physical quality is incredible, but even more the theological quality is stunning. I’m finding myself learning from these, not just my son learning!!

  21. Sarah bryant (verified owner)

    I use these in my Sunday school class (3rd-5th graders) near the end of class time to remind the kids who we are in Christ. They get really excited when I pull the cards out and they all want to have a turn reading the back of the card and fitting it into the diagram in the middle if the table. It’s a great tool!

  22. Brittney rich (verified owner)

    We love these cards! My husband and I have been searching for something like that that aligns with biblical doctrine. Amazing quality and appealing to the kids. My kids are a little younger but they really do love them! I don’t think you can start too young. Thank you! We are so greatful!

  23. Ashley ladd (verified owner)

    This product has not only been beneficial for my 9 year old but also for me. I had them in my class tonight and someone asked want sanctification was, I pulled out my one with Christ cards and share it with her. They are durable and portable. You can make it a game or a puzzle so the kids interact with the cards instead of just reading them.

  24. Kristin (verified owner)

    These One with Christ cards present God’s salvation story through our union with Christ in such a beautiful visual way.
    Every attribute points to Christ and reveals all of the gifts that Christ had afforded to us. As always, the quality of the cards is the best.

  25. Marissa Ramsland

    I believe one of my most important jobs as a mom is to disciple my children and teach them/point them to Jesus on a daily basis. The One with Christ cards are such a wonderful tool for me to be able to use to teach my kids sound theology. I’m grateful that the hard work has been done for me and I can use these cards as a great visual and teaching tool. There are so many great ways these cards can be used with kids-flashcards, make a game out of it, post them up as a reminder/visual!

  26. Debbie Martens (verified owner)

    Just received my cards and can’t wait to use them in teaching opportunities with children at our church. Thanks for helping us teach valuable theological truths with these colorful, concise, and teachable cards.

  27. Breana Kelso (verified owner)

    Such a great way to make biblical truths FUN! Grabs the children attention and allows them to learn as they play!

  28. Lisa Carey

    Brilliant! I like these cards a lot! They are a great way for me as a grandma to spend good time with my grandson in such a way that edifies him and glorifies God. These cards are sturdy and well made. High quality and excellent theology. Well done!

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