ABCs of the Attributes of God

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An accessible, fun introduction to the basics of the faith, The ABC’s of the Attributes of God are designed to bring theological concepts to life for kids. With inviting designs and simple, concise definitions, children ages 4 to 12 will learn what it means that God is omnipotent, just, and all-knowing, and where we see each attribute in Scripture.




An accessible, fun introduction to the basics of the faith, The ABC’s of the Attributes of God are designed to bring theological concepts to life for kids. With inviting designs and simple, concise definitions, children ages 4 to 12 will learn what it means that God is omnipotent, just, and all-knowing, and where we see each attribute in Scripture.

Please Note:

  • Twenty-six cards are printed on 120# card stock.
  • Each order (not each product) includes one complimentary hand-stamped linen bag for safe keeping and easy access. Additional bags can be purchased here.



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26 reviews for ABCs of the Attributes of God

  1. Lynn Edwards (verified owner)

    We love these. I bought them to start going over with my four year old and they have been perfect. He is very interested in them and is asking all sort so of new questions. It has been such a great tool for us to do as a family that is basic enough for my son but creates a lot of conversation for everyone. We will definitely be purchasing the other sets soon.

  2. ElizabeTh (verified owner)

    This was our first set to our collection! We’ve gone through it many times now and it’s still a favorite with the kids. Love that each attribute is broken down into simple, Gospel-filled truths that kids can understand.

  3. Zsanae Miller (verified owner)

    What a beautifully designed and practical tool. My children are on the “older” side, yet can we ever really know this enough? It is so important to go over these Truths often with our children and for our own souls. These quality made cards are not only biblical, but they can easily be displayed around your home! We will be expanding our Tiny Theologians materials soon, as well as purchasing them as gifts.

  4. Christina Monge (verified owner)

    Our first purchase from Tiny Theologians and we absolutely love them! It has sparked some great gospel conversations and has been a wonderful addition to meal time discussions! …not to mention has helped our preschooler solidify her ABC’s:) We’re looking forward to adding more sets to our collection!

  5. laura (verified owner)

    The more we know who God is, and what His attributes are, the more we cannot deny our need for a Savior. These help me to remember and to communicate to my kids the gospel every day. I love to recommend our Tiny Theologians cards to our friends. I do, however, wish they came with a box, lol.

    • Amy Gannett

      Laura, Thank you so much for your kind words and helpful feedback! We are currently working on new packaging solutions. In the meantime, a hand-stamped box that will hold up to four sets of the Tiny Theologians cards can be purchased separately for $3. Praying these tools are a blessing to you and the little ones in your life!

  6. Tara Knight (verified owner)

    My kids are 8, 9 and 11 and all three of them really enjoy these cards. It is such a fun and easy way to remind them who God is. They are also really beautiful so I like to keep them on the coffee table to display them and also to remind us to use them daily.

  7. Alyssa (verified owner)

    My girls are 5 & 3 years old and they loved these cards! The descriptions on each card are well written and my husband and I found ourselves enjoying it as much as the kids. Each card is a concise read and even when it’s a little over my 3yo’s head, she can sit still long enough to listen. And I love that there is scripture to back up each one! You can tell Amy spent time studying and thinking through each one.
    My husband is a youth and children’s pastor and we often have families asking how they can disciple their kids. This is a great resource for families who are just learning how to disciple their kids and families who have been doing family devotions/discipleship since their kids were little. Tiny Theologians is on our list of recommendations! Thank you for creating such a wonderful resource, Amy!

    • Amy Gannett

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I pray these tools are a blessing to you and your little ones!

  8. Hannah (verified owner)

    We love these ABC cards! My three year old and I go over them during lunch. This is the perfect tool for helping hide little nuggets of truth in my daughters heart in the simple moments of the day. Though she is only three, I know these things are being tucked away in her mind to be used later. Kids are amazing like that. I highly recommend!

  9. Sarah (verified owner)

    This is a family favorite! We have used this to help our son with the alphabet (partnered with an alphabet mat on our floor that he matches the cards to, it makes for a game he wants to play everyday). The cards are high quality, the writing on the back is perfect for young children and filled with truth. We are soooo thankful to find products that help us to teach our kids about the most important things we could ever teach them about. It makes conversations easier, and gets them excited about learning more.

  10. Lauren Decker (verified owner)

    I really love these cards! We are going to use one each week starting in January to help teach theology and verse memorization. The only thing I do not like about them is the high gloss. I think all the products would look better and be easier to handle being the flat mat paper like the ABC’s of Theology. I also did not receive a linen bag as the listing states but I’m confident that it will be corrected.

  11. Marissa Ramsland (verified owner)

    We love Tiny Theologians!!! My kids are 6 & 3 and they both like the attribute of God cards. I need to be reminded of these as well and use them in my quiet times! They are great for all ages! I like that each attribute is explained and has a verse to go with it. Made on sturdy cardstock and pretty colors. Tiny theologians is one of my favorite shops!

  12. bethlauder (verified owner)

    What you think about God is the most important thing about you, so it is important to me that my daughters have a Biblical view of who God is. The Bible is the only reliable source of information about God and so I love these attribute cards because there is a verse that goes along with each attribute in addition to its definition. These are like the kids’ version of A.W. Tozer’s Knowledge of the Holy, which is my favorite book on the attributes of God. These cards are great becasue they can be used one a week to do an in-depth study on that attribute of God, or you can read one at breakfast each morning to start the day off right. My girls are 8 and 12 and these cards are perfect!

  13. d.worosher (verified owner)

    My sister in law just introduced me to your site and I am in love! We just ordered these cards and got them in the mail today. I’m so excited to use these and definitely think we will be ordering many more times! Thank you for this resource! 💗

  14. eLL (verified owner)

    I was often promoted to question what the attributes of God were in my BSF study. I then saw this incredible resource through the Journey Women podcast and also Gentle Leading Blog. I could not wait to order them to learn the attributes myself but ALSO teach my toddler that the letters of the alphabet can even tie back to our creator. Thank you for creating these!

  15. Kristen (verified owner)

    These cards have been a great tool to use with our kids. We read a card after dinner as part of our family worship time. The cards are simple enough for our little ones to understand, start good discussions with our 9 and 7 year old. and are encouraging reminders for my husband and I. The kids actually remind us to read one every night because they want to see what attribute comes next. The quality and design is excellent. We will definitely be purchasing more sets!

  16. Kayla Columbus (verified owner)

    I bought these for my 3 year old and they’re great! Nice and simple for him to understand, a wonderful resource! We look forward to buying more sets!

  17. Erin Moore (verified owner)

    This set was our first purchase from the shop. Since then, we’ve added the Names of God cards, Attributes cards, the Lord’s Prayer and Soteriology cards. I have just loved every purchase. I just had my fourth baby a few months ago, and I have used these cards myself by choosing one card to meditate on during this busy season when my bible study time is very limited and irregular. I’ve used the ABC sets (all three of them) to teach my younger children the alphabet and writing while memorizing beautiful truths that go along with each letter. My older children have use the backs of the cards for copywork, or to rephrase the definitions in their own words (summarize/narrate…we’re a homeschool family). We just love this shop. It’s been a huge blessing to our family!

  18. SydneY (verified owner)

    Through this incredible resource I am introducing a new letter each week to my three year old. We also memorize most of the verse on the back! She is soaking up the letters and the scripture, and, for that reason, I could not be more grateful for this resource. These cards are beautifully designed and saturated in truth. Thank you for creating these!!

  19. Sarah Taylor (verified owner)

    Loving these ABCs of God cards! We purchased a set of these for our church’s toddler room and they have been a beautiful addition to our curriculum and such an easy and colourful way to remember core truths about God; to begin forming their theological minds in such a clear and fun way. We also own a set for our own family. Our oldest (4) is so quick to memorize and can easily remember these as he’s learning the alphabet at the same time. Perfect, aesthetically pleasing, heavy weighted/laminate paper…so much praise for these! And the descriptions of each attribute on the back are golden- biblical and articulated profoundly, yet simply so that any child could understand. We all need a clear and rich understanding of the vast and beautiful nature of our God.

  20. Rachel Farney (verified owner)

    We love these cards! Honestly, it’s great review for me! We’ve started to make up hand motions to go along with each characteristic, so that’s been a blast. My 7 and (almost) 4 year old love reviewing their “ABCs of God.” I’m so thankful for this resource—seeing my boys grow in the knowledge of God and learning of who He truly is straight from the Scripture. THANK YOU!!!

  21. Kayla Gilmour (verified owner)

    The quality of these cards is even nicer than I expected. We are beginning Kindergarten homeschool this year, and many of the curriculums I have seen go through the letters of the alphabet, but I was looking for something besides animals to focus on. These are perfect for my 4.5 year old who is always asking to know more about God. My husband was impressed by these (that’s saying a lot) and was genuinely glad that I purchased them. I will recommend these to anyone who will listen. 🙂

  22. Danna Jones (verified owner)

    We purchased these cards for our six and three year olds. We usually use them at the dinner table. They are super durable and beautiful! What a great resource to teach our littles theology!

  23. Kori

    So excited to incorporate these into our homeschool curriculum! I love that I can use them with both my 7yr old & 3.5yr old as we learn together. Not to mention, they look so good that I have decided to prominently display them on the wall.

  24. Lynsey

    I came across your products on IG and I instantly fell in love with the beautiful and colorful designs. My first purchase was the attributes of God cards and we are working our way through them this school year. I love having such a well made product that is also beautiful so I can hang them up in our home so we can always been reminded of all the things God is to us! Thank you for such a great product!

  25. Lindsey Zito (verified owner)

    Ordered these as a gift for a friend! They are so lovely- well designed, scripturally accurate, and arrived so quickly! Will be ordering again for my middle school small group as a way to teach them theology in bite sized proportions!

  26. Johanna (verified owner)

    We use these cards as a part of our morning basket each day. My 4year old son enjoys calling out what letter we will discuss each morning as we walk through the alphabet. The wording is consise and understandable, and adds to our vocabulary. The colors of the cards give these cards a fresh appearance. Well done, Tiny Theologians! I look forward to ordering more.

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