I’m Amy, the Founder and Creator of Tiny Theologians™ and I’m so glad you’re here.

Austin and I met over a love for theology in seminary (well, technically, we first met over a cute puppy named Penny – but ask me to tell you that story some other time). We love reading theology, talking theology, and teaching theology.

But when we graduated from seminary, we encountered a problem: there are too few theologically-rich Bible studies for Christians wanting to grow in their faith. Particularly, as we entered church ministry we struggled to find theologically-robust training tools for the youngest members of God’s household. Though many were cute and creative, they also seemed to offer an overly-simplified version of the Biblical narrative (or, perhaps more dangerous, a moralistic version aimed to promote good behavior).

So, we put our theology to work.

What started as a personal project is now available to you through the Tiny Theologians™ line. We offer training tools that will help parents and children’s ministries pass on the Christian faith. Covering topics like theology, church history, missions, and discipleship, we pray these tools are a blessing as you seek to train the tiny theologians in your life.

You can read our Statement of Faith or get in touch anytime!