Resource Roundup I

Hi! One of our primary goals here at Tiny Theologians is to provide Christian parents with tools that aid them in training up their children in the faith. Of course, we love making these tools ourselves, but we’re by no means the only ones. So we’ll be coming to you regularly with a roundup of articles, books, and resources that we have found helpful.


For the first installation of Resource Roundup, I’m sharing some of my favorite articles from Risen Motherhood’s blog. If you’re unfamiliar with Risen Motherhood, I can’t recommend it enough.


When You Can’t Afford to be a “Good Mom” | by Hannah Anderson

To Mom Well is to Know Christ Well | By Dianne Jago

Loving the Mom Who is Different Than Me | by Amanda Criss

What Should I Teach My Children About the Bible? | By Emily Jensen



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